Would you believe you can grow a healthy, delicious meal in under 2 weeks?

Most people have never heard of something called microgreens. Microgreens are basically the same vegetables you grow in your garden, but, most of them mature in less than two weeks.

Take radish, for example. You can grow an entire harvest of radish in about 9 days. That's weeks less than it takes to grow a fully grown radish and, some say, with 40 times the nutrients. Microgreen radish can be used for everything from a garnish to a meal in itself. it goes in soups, salads, on sandwiches and, even in dips.

A basic or spicy salad mix can be eaten just like any other salad and provides more nutrients. Again, you can grow a full harvest from planting to table in less than 2 weeks. This is a reason that microgreens can make an important part of any family's survival plan, should it be needed.

There are many varieties of microgreens available, from the two above to celery, basil, cilantro and others. Microgreens can be raised indoors, in a temperature controlled room with grow lights or the can be grown outside in containers, using the natural sun and environment, making them very adaptable.

The one drawback to microgreens is that heat and humidity take a quick toll on them once harvested. They will last a week or so in the refrigerator, but they wilt quickly in heat and humidity. Because of this they must be planted in a staggered manner, with a crop constantly going to be harvested regularly. That's where a supplier such as Five Seven Farms comes in handy. We are set up to be able to harvest a different planting daily or weekly. We can plant and harvest according to our customer's needs. If you want us to harvest your microgreens and have them ready to be picked up on Tuesday and Thursday we can do that. We keep a constant grow going. We have also invested in the proper lighting, soil, grow medium and growing space to provide a constant harvest.

If you're interested in trying your hand at growing microgreens, you can try Bootstrap Farmer for icnstructions and equipment needed to harvest your own food in under 2 weeks. Just copy and paste this link. I get a small referral fee.

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