What Happens When Kroger and Walmart Run Out of Groceries?

Many people today (I confess, I'm one of them!) make nearly daily stops at the grocery for things from milk and bread to items to cook for dinner when they get home. Our busy lifestyles often don't provide for time to push a cart around the store, stocking up on food and other grocery items to hold us over for days, let alone a few weeks or a month.

So, what happens when you go to the local Kroger or Walmart for milk or bread, or chicken, ground beef, or heaven forbid, toilet paper, and there is none on the shelf. We saw it, especially during the first months of the pandemic, when the shelves were totally bare. The stores we just knew would never run out of food (A politician once asked "why do we need agriculture, we have Kroger?") had shelves that were totally empty and couldn't tell us when they would have more supplies. When they did get items in, they were rationing them out. People were fighting over bundles of toilet paper and paper towels. They were grabbing cans of vegetables from other people's shopping carts. We hadn't seen this type of rationing since WW2.

In this weekly series of blogs we will explore ways that we can all decrease our dependence on grocery shelves, reduce the amount of food we have to buy at the store and produce our own, healthier food without a lot of lifestyle changes. For the ones who don't want, or have time to, produce their own foods, we will explore CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture), farmer's markets, and local farmers who are willing to provide healthy, organically grown produce, meats, etc at reasonable prices.

We hope you will enjoy the reads and, if you have suggestions for articles or are willing to share your own experiences with us, feel free to contact us.

For a healthier all of us

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