My Own Testimony on CBD Muscle and Pain Cream

I have used the Five Seven Farms muscle and pain cream for sore muscles and joint pain quite a few times in the past. The other night I woke up with a cramp in the muscle behind my left knee and on the outside of the joint. I tried for several minutes to stretch it out but it just wouldn't go away. I tried a product that my wife and sister in law use when they have muscle cramps. It still wouldn't go away. Desperate, I got my 1oz tin of Five Seven Farms Muscle and Pain Cream out of my nightstand and started rubbing some of it in. After a minute of so, the pain began to subside. Shortly, the cramp had gone away. Now, it could've been that the other product I tried had finally taken effect and it could've been the muscle and pain cream was working, or both. I just know that it wouldn't go away until I started rubbing the pain cream in. I'm just glad I had some by my bed. And at the price we charge for it, you can afford to have several around because it doesn't take a lot to do the job.

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