Our Story

Fresh Farm Raised Food for Your Health

As a young boy, I helped my father on the farm where he was a sharecropper. I later worked on farms and ranches in the area. After going into the military, getting out and beginning a career, I moved away from the lifestyle I grew up in. After retireing in 2016, I felt I needed to get back to that lifestyle, so I started Five Seven Farms, first raising microgreens in a controlled environment, and later branching into more traditional produce and farm items.  I started a booth at the Market at the Crossing in Arlington last year, selling tomatoes, corn, microgreens and a few other items. This year the market became a arts and crafts market and they cut  produce vendors out. I decided it was time for me to jump into the produce business in a bigger way. We are opening our first roadside produce stand using not only the produce we raise but expanding to meet the demand by selling produce and other items raised on farms that we don't run. All produce we sell will be raised naturally and with no chemicals, no matter where we get it, whether it's tomatoes, carrots, eggs, honey or any other products.